Ehime Citrus Club was formed within Ehime Prefecture's Brand Strategy Division to promote Ehime Prefecture's citrus produce, in cooperation with Ehime Headquarters National Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Associations.
It's composed of members who are bright and cheerful like the Ehime Prefecture citrus themselves.

With "Vitamins for body and soul!" as its slogan, Ehime Citrus Club's aim is for lots of people to experience Ehime Prefecture's citrus.


The Members



Governor of Ehime Prefecture

Tokihiro Nakamura

With its rich nature and warm climate, Ehime Prefecture is a very suitable environment for growing citrus. It's boasted the highest production volume in Japan for the last 44 years.
I'll be delighted if people make Ehime's "Brand with Love" citrus a part of their lives, and all the care the farmers put into growing the fruit brings them health and happiness, with plenty of Ehime smiles.


Graduate School of Agriculture, Ehime University

Takuya Sugahara

Citrus contain many other functional components besides vitamin C.
Join me in learning about the effects and benefits of citrus, and enjoying their delicious flavors!


Timon D

Hiroyuki Takagishi

I'm very honored to be the captain of the Citrus Club!
I'm going to give my all to spread the word about Ehime citrus to everyone in Japan. They're going to know it when they eat it! I'm going to go all out!

Club President

Timon D

Yuta Maeda

I want everyone in Japan to know what makes Ehime Prefecture's citrus so wonderful!
As the president of Ehime Citrus Club, I'm going to spare no effort to promote them!
I believe in the power of citrus!

Cheering Squad

2021 Ehime Mikan Ambassadors

Ehime Prefecture has many kinds of citrus.
See if you can find your favorite.
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