Unshu Mikan

  • 温州みかん1
  • 温州みかん2
  • 温州みかん3
  • 温州みかん1
  • 温州みかん2
  • 温州みかん3

ShipmentMid-June to late February

Unshu mikan are the citrus that are grown the most in Ehime Prefecture. Including greenhouse mikan, they're shipped almost all year round, and both the peel and the segment skins are thin, making them particularly easy to eat.They also contain lots of the functional component β-cryptoxanthin.

Easiness to eat

Easy to peel by hand.
Segment skin
Thin, and people generally don't mind eating it at all.
No. (There might be a few, but it's rare.)

Packed with these components!



Content (taken from the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan)

Keeps bones healthy.