Kawachi Bankan

  • 河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)1
  • 河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)2
  • 河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)3
  • 河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)1
  • カ河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)2
  • 河内晩柑(かわちばんかん)3

ShipmentLate March to mid-July

Kawachi bankan look like grapefruit on the outside, but they aren't very bitter. Instead, they have a faintly sweet, refreshing taste. Ehime Prefecture is Japan's largest producer of kawachi bankan, and they're sold under a different brand name in each region. They also contain lots of auraptene, which reports say can help you maintain your cognitive faculties.

Easiness to eat

Easy to peel by hand.
Segment skin
Thick, and remains in the mouth. Please remove it beforehand.

Packed with these components!

Vitamin C


Content (taken from the Standard Tables of Food Composition in Japan)

Antioxidant effects that will help keep your skin healthy.